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Remuneration, discount, and Advantages

- If the total number of orders approved by the user in the submission panel of the website reaches 10 orders, 20% of the total cost for each of all subsequent approved orders will be added to your wallet in your panel that you can use those poitns as discounts in the subsequent order or refund your balance any time. 

- You will receive a 5% discount only if you place an order through the website/online submission system. If you enter the invitation code from your friends, you will receive a 10% discount for that order.

- Any article received services from Coresearcher and received comments by reviewers of a journal regarding our related services will not be left alone and we will revise and resolve the issues free of charge.

- Coresearcher directly cooperates with a number of journals and is trustworthy in terms of quality of work. If you use our services and are introduced by Coresearcher, the publication of your article will be facilitated.

- Coresearcher is ready to sign contracts and provide services for journals, universities, university professors, scientific-research centers or any other organizations and companies, and thereby special discounts and benefits will be considered.


!!!Send an invitation code and get a reward

If you send the invitation code to your friends and your friends place an order using our website submission system and enter the code, 2% of the total cost of that order will be added to your wallet. This is only applicable for the first order to be approved by coresearcher and by your friend who registers as a new user on our website and place an order. To enjoy this privilege, you must first be a member of our website to receive the invitation code. There are no restrictions on the number of sending invitations. The one who enters the invitation code on the first order will receive a 10% discount.

*** Please be noted that your wallet balance can be refunded at any time.

*** Please be noted that all discounts and points are applicable for only the orders that are confirmed to be received services by Coresearcher.

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