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The professional team of Coresearcher, consisting of translators in English and specialized fields, is ready to offer translation services including translating any texts from English to Persian and Persian to English to researchers, students, professors and applicants. Quality refining, evaluation and review is conducted by the project manager until the assurance of the quality of the translated texts is ensured and the completed file is provided to the applicants in the form of a typed text.


Translation Services

Coresearcher offers translation services in two standard modes and urgent translation to the esteemed applicants. If you are applying for an urgent translation, select the translation option with an urgent need when placing your online order and register your time period and urgency, or if you send your order via e-mail, share this issue with our colleagues.

When ordering, please pay attention to the following:

Translate tables?

  • Draw tables, titles, and translate the body and type numbers
  • There is no need to translate the body of tables and its title
  • Just translate the titles of the tables and insert the photos of the tables

Translate the body of figures?

  •  There is no need to translate the body and notes
  • Just translate notes and insert figures
  • Translate both the note and the body

Type formulas and equations?

  • There is no formula
  • Take photos of the formulas and insert them in the text
  • To be typed

Translate footnotes?

  • There is no need to translate footnote
  • Footnotes to be translated
  • No footnotes


*** Dear user, please keep in mind that references will not be translated. Please remove the references from the file before uploading the it. Also delete attachments or any other unnecessary items that do not need to be translated so that they are not considered translatable in the number of words.

*** If you only have the paper version of the text and have taken a photo or scan of its pages, turn them all into a compressed file and do not send the file of each page individually.



The following pricing table has been calculated approximately and may be more or less depending on the nature of the order or may include discounts and special bonus from Coresearcher. To make sure on the final and exact cost of services, please send your order by registering on our website or send via email so that your order can be checked and the exact cost and delivery time can be determined and announced. The cost of translation varies depending on the type of text, the number of words, and urgent translation.


***After reviewing our experts, the pre-invoice of the cost and time of delivery of the project will be sent via email and will be visible in your account/profile in the order list

*** If the invoice is confirmed and the prepayment is made, your order will be entered the execution stage.

*** As soon as the work is completed, it will be notified via email and at your account/profile page. After clearing the invoice, the typed file will be sent in Word and PDF formats via email or can be downloaded from your account/profile panel.

*** If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms, please contact us in the user panel or contact support number.


Dear user, Coresearcher has unique bonus points for its users. Please read the "Discounts & Bonus" section.


Please send your order to one of the following email address:



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