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Coresearcher provides online services. Its terms and conditions are regulated and published below, which are bound by the following terms and conditions. And the right of any change, deletion or addition of the following terms and conditions is reserved at any time by Coresearcher. The present terms and conditions, invoice, any written document or written agreement between us can be documented and referenced at the time of a new order by the applicant (ordering and paying the service fee). Please read the terms and conditions carefully before each new order.  

Terms of Service

1. All services provided by Coresearcher are subject to the rules of Internet businesses. Any violations by Coresearcher or by service applicants on this website will result in legal actions.
2. Coresearcher is committed to ethical and scientific principles and adheres to the ethical principles of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).
3. Coresearcher is not responsible for the copyright and publication of the content of the order and the applicant personally accepts responsibility for copyright law and personal use of the content and other material and intellectual rights arising from the product of the order.
4. All your information, from personal details to files and all content and orders that are sent by you to Coresearcher, is confidential with us and we will protect your privacy and your articles and information. Any misuse of the above information or any malversation and sharing it with other people or organizations will be prosecuted.
5. All rights related to the completed order of translation, final product, and content production belong to Coresearcher and are allowed to be used repeatedly in their favor unless signed by the parties in a written agreement.
6. The material and spiritual responsibility and consequence of any change, defect or deficiency in the content and authenticity of the delivered order is the responsibility of the applicant.
7. Coresearcher has the authority to accept or reject orders. Former users of Coresearcher will be given priority in accepting orders. If the order is rejected, the applicant will be notified of the reason.
8. Coresearcher offers Services online. In case of applying for mail, all costs of preparation and mail will be borne by the applicant.
9. In case of any violation, inconsistency and criminal offenses in accordance with the current laws of the Internet businesses, Coresearcher can unilaterally cancel the order and 30% of the cost of order will be deducted and the applicant has no right of complaint.
10. The applicant is responsible for maintaining and archiving the original content of the order. Also, Coresearcher is not responsible for the return of the raw content of the order.
11. In case of any discrepancy between the parties, there will be four determinants: the present terms and conditions, the negotiation and agreement of the parties, the reference to an impartial arbitrator or legal judicial authorities.
12. Coresearcher is committed to offer his services in the best possible form and quality, and is responsible for the quality and quantity of the services provided, and neither party is responsible for not taking practical action within the deadline, except in special circumstances provided by terms and conditions mentioned.
13. Any request by the parties after the approval of the pre-invoice in the case of a written agreement between the parties is inferable and executable.

Terms of order

1. The applicant for the order is obliged to be careful in registering and sending the order and to check and study his order carefully before sending it. The applicant is responsible for any incorrect selection of services.
2. In case of incomplete order submission or more required files, Coresearcher may request more files.
3. If the applicant has a different request than his previous order. A new invoice will be issued.
4. Each new order or request, although related to the previous order, will be subject to new cost estimation and the cost difference will be added to the previous pre-invoice.
5. If parts of the order are completed and approved by the applicant during the execution process of order, and if the applicant requests a new order or replacement will be considered a new order with new cost estimation and the applicant is obliged to clear the cost of completed parts.
6. The initial estimation of the cost of translation and editing services is based on the word tariff. The net cost of order and delivery time will be determined after sending the order based on the nature of order and size. This will be notified by sending pre-invoice before entering to the executive process of order.
7. The pre-invoice issued is expired after three days. If the applicant does not deposit the prepayment, the new pre-invoice will be the criterion and if the applicant does not agree with possible changes in the new pre-invoice, Coresearcher can cancel the order and refund the applicant's deposit.
8. Only as soon as the deposit has been paid written in the pre-invoice sent by Coresearcher through the portal or announced payment method and approval by the applicant and sending the receipt, the order will be entered the executive stage. The delivery time of the order will be estimated upon prepayment. If payment and approval of the invoice is made on holidays, the delivery time of the order will be calculated from the next business day.
9. If there is a need for more interaction, review or file request from the applicant at the time of execution of the order, the period from the moment of written request by Coresearcher to the time of response and solution by the applicant will not be considered and included in delivery time. And this time will be added to the delivery time of the order.
10. In delivery schedule of order, the business day only includes the time interval from 09:00 am to 22:00 pm. Holidays and Fridays are not considered business days.
11. If there are any deficiencies in the delivery of raw materials for the order or if there are any deficiencies and ambiguities in sending the response or necessary explanations to Coresearcher after the order entered the implementation stage, Coresearcher may upon these defects change the pre-invoice and  delivery time of the order and the applicant is obliged to correct the defects. If the applicant fails to rectify the deficiencies within three days, Coresearcher can stop implementing order at any stage. In this case, the cost of implementing the work up to that point is calculated and charged.
12. The applicant is responsible for any losses as a result of his or her delay.
13. Delivery of the completed file is subject to full payment and clearing of the invoice deposit by the applicant.
14. The applicant must clear and pay the whole amount of invoice by 3 days after the completion of the order and written notification by Coresearcher. For each day of delay, the applicant will be fined 5% of the total amount of the order cost and is required to pay it.
15. In case of incorrect payment and more than the invoice amount, after its report by the applicant, it will be refunded to the depositor's account after reviewing the documents and confirming it within 5 working days.
16. Since the executors apply their personal taste into the order in implementation of some cases, the applicant has agreed to change according to his/her personal taste after receiving the completed order.

Terms of Cancellation, revision and fines

1. In case of any shortcomings, ambiguities and possible problems in services provided by us, the applicant has only three days to highlight and explain the cases and send them to us. Coresearcher is obliged to fix the problem without charge. If the objections are not substantiated and the applicant does not provide sufficient evidence to substantiate his claim, the applicant will be deprived of the right to any further objection.
2. If the applicant withdraws the order after confirmation and deposit, the cost of placing an order and a 20% fine for canceling an order will be charged to the applicant. Also, upon payment and approval of the pre-invoice by the applicant, Coresearcher has no right to change the pre-invoice. Also, in case of cancellation of the order by Coresearcher, 20% of the total amount of the order cost will be paid as a fine and all the amount paid by the applicant will be refunded within three working days.
3. If the order enters the execution stage and the applicant requests the omission of some parts, the cost of those parts will not be deducted from the applicant's pre-invoice. If the order does not enter the execution stage, the cost of those parts will be deducted and will be included in the pre-invoice.
4. Coresearcher is required to estimate the total cost in the initial pre-invoice and does not require any sudden costs or subsequent increases if another request is not added to the initial order. In this case, the applicant can cancel his order and all prepayments will be refunded to the applicant's account.
5. In the event of any unforeseen occurrence outside the will and control of Coresearcher, which causes the order to stop or delay, Coresearcher will not be held responsible. In this case, the applicant can decide to cancel the order, extend the delivery time of the order or re-place the order. If the order is canceled, the cost of the completed parts will be calculated and deducted, if available, and the rest will be refunded to the applicant. It is also the responsibility of the applicant for any events that occur outside the will and control of the applicant or any financial problems, and Coresearcher is allowed to cancel the order unilaterally and claim the cost.
6. In case of delay in delivery of the order by Coresearcher according to the delivery schedule, for each day of delay 5% of the order cost will be refunded to the applicant.
7. The applicant must clear the invoice within 3 days once the order is completed and notified by Coresearcher.


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